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Afri itech Business Card is a combination of the two best technologies (Smart Business Card and Digital Business Card).

What is Smart Business Card? Is a single plastic, wood, or mental business card that comes with an embedded microchip that enables you to transmit your contact details with just a tap on a smartphone.

What is Digital Business Card? Can also be called a virtual or electronic business card, which is an online means of sharing contact information. Digital or electronic Business Card can be shared in many digital ways like via QR Code, SMS, Messenger, Email signature, social media, etc. You can design it the way you want and add as much information as you want.

Both Smart and Digital cards are contactless and offer many benefits to the business and our precious earth.

Benefits of Afri itech Business Card

Convenience business card
As long as you have your smartphone, laptop of your one taggable card, you have your business card with.

Eco-friendly Business card
Old paper business cards are not an environmentally friendly way of sharing contact information. The research has proved that 90% of business cards are thrown away within a week after you have handed over to another person. This means as long as we use paper cards more trees need to be cut for us to get paper and that is not good for our environment.

Affordable Business Cards
Afri itech Business Cards are the most affordable than their paper counterparts. You buy your one card and get access to your SaaS Business card, which you can use to change your card to any of our templates any time, change colors and change your business information right on your phone or laptop, with just a small investment of R50 per month for a SaaS.

Preventing the spread of germs
For the old paper card, you have to hand the card over to a client. Afri itech Business card there is no contact or human interaction and the there is no spreading because there is no contact.

The card won’t end up in waste
The old business cards end up in the trash bin. Afri itech Business Card you capture the information with just one click, and you have it on your smart device (Phone).


Afri itech One Card Business card

Comes with NFC-enabled technology. This is the best way of making an impact and a great first impression on your clients. Share your contact information with just a tap.

Digital Card Only

Afri itech Digital Card is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system that enables you to manage your own Digital Business card.

We currently have three themes which you can choose from, change your logo, color and manage your contacts details.

To get access to our SaaS and start using our Digital Card click below:

Smart Card

It is a tappable card, which we link with your Digital card to enable you to tap your card on an NFC-enabled smartphone to share your digital business card.

Try our Professional Digital Business Card: www.cards.afriitech.co.za

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