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Afriitech Pty Ltd develop digital strategy and design websites that increase reach, engagement and impact. We create a website that is influential ambassador, a valuable resource, and a platform for engagement that actively contributes to advancing your mission. Your website is more than an accessory to your organization. With more business being conducted online, it’s an essential tool for communicating your brand and converting prospects into customers.

Digital media provides a powerful ways for social change brands to increase their influence & impact. We listen to your needs and join forces to ensure your audience will engage and convert.

Digital Strategy

Successful digital transformation must rest on a foundation of smart digital strategy. Good digital strategy starts with a rich understanding of the competitive environment

Seo Optimizer

Increase your visibility and raise mission awareness by elevating your website's ranking for the search terms you want to be associated with

Info. Architecture & User Experience

Provide the structure audiences need to understand, access, and enjoy the opportunities your organization offers for online engagement

Fast, attractive & easy to use

At Afriitech Pty Ltd we deliver a premium user experience, in keeping with the latest web design trends and technology

Web Design & development

Create a website that is an influential ambassador, a valuable resource, and a platform for engagement that actively contributes to advancing your mission

Quality Assurance

Afriitech pty Ltd provides a full range of QA and software testing services to ensure your web & mobile solutions meet the highest of standards

How it Works

With our strategic design, we design an interface that will help you accomplish your organization's objectives.

Establishing your goals

A clear direction is essential if you want your design to have a purpose. Website is not just a piece of art; It is an interface that serves a function (to sell a product, deliver information content, entertain, to inform, or to provide access to a service).

Identify your audience

Who your audience is will play a big role in how your website should look and function. Some of demographics that influence your design are age, gender, profession, technical competency  and ect.

Determine your brand image

Think about color. Think about the feel you want to achieve and emotion you wish to elicit. Your design should embody the personality and character of your brand.

Goal-driven design direction

After we have established the purpose of your website, set some goals you want to achieve, identified your audience and determined your brand image.

 Next thing Shape and focus all the design elements towards meeting your goals.


Content creation & Visual elements

Content is the magnet of your websites and most important tool in that help you achieve your organization goals.

  • Know you audience
    Who is your primary audience? Who are your secondary audience who can influence and inform your primary audience? How will they find your site online?
  • Follow the "inverted pyramid" model
    Structure your content like an upside-down pyramid or cone. Web readers have short attention span, they will decide whether your site has the information they need in seconds
  • Write short, simple sentences
  • Stick to active voice
  • Show don't tell
  • Mix up your word choice

Testing & Launch

Combine manual browsing of the site on a variety of devices with automated site crawlers to identify everything from user experience issues to simple broken links.

Launch - Once everything is working, it is time to plan and execute your site launch.


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