How having a Website can help your business?


Website visibility is the process of getting your website found on internet when your potential clients are searching for your related services and products.

Having a website without people visiting your website is pointless, and waste of your Website investment money. That is why we have moved away from making websites for the sake of making website, if we build a website for you or your business we have to make sure your website have people who are visiting it and that your website is helping driving sales for your business. Otherwise having a website will be like having a R10000 bicycle and keep it in your garage. You will never appreciate the value of having that kind of a bicycle because it is not going to win any race. That what happen when you just hand over a website without people visiting it or seeing its content, it is not going to produce results for the person or business no matter how beautiful, fancy or how much does it cost; it is a waste of time and money spent on that website.

Things you need to do to make sure your website is visible to potential clients:

For Clients who don’t have any marketing tools in place we start here:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
    1. Optimize every page of your website with rich content.
      1. This is the most important and complicated part of optimization, without it, it will be hard for your site to be visible in search engines.
    2. Off-page SEO Optimization
    3. Optimize your website images
    4. Mobile website optimization
    5. Make sure your website load faster.
  2. Google Search
    1. Add your website to google Search Console
  3. Adwords
  4. Social media marketing

Companies that uses other method of marketing:

  1. Website can be a reference point
  2. People can get to a site by the word of mouth
  3. Other methods Marketing material
    1. You can add your website to those materials that can drive uses to your website

For your website to be visible it must be purpose driven and here are some of the purposes you or your business must have a website

  • Every business, every brand, every artist needs a Website.
  • We help businesses discover how having a website can help their business, based on what is their end goal as business.
  1. Positive results
    1. Get more clients or support existing clients
    2. Drive more sales or sell other products online.
    3. Targeting specific users
    4. Your company or brand image
  2. Negative results:
    1. Wasting time – Wasting time giving the same information to clients over and over again, while that information can be on the website, like you opening hours, services, your location, you upcoming events, and your products.
    2. Avoid clients calling you for services/products you do not provide

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